Week 2, IAM-Boeing strike

As the Boeing strike enters Week 2, we continue our “media watch” for continuing coverage. September 14: Seattle Post-Intelligencer: BCA President Scott Carson hopes talks will resume in a “couple of weeks” and a settlement will come shortly… Read More

Boeing speaks to Morgan Stanley

The Boeing Chief Financial Officer spoke to the Morgan Stanley conference September 10. James Bell is the presenter. Highlights as the presentation proceeds: (Unless there are quotation marks indicating a direct quote, Bell’s comments are paraphrased as we… Read More

Tanker canceled (update 9/12)

Update, Sept. 12: Reuters: EADS threatens no-bid in Round 4. Here we go again. First Northrop threatened a no-bid. Then Boeing. Now EADS. Or not. Now Reuters reports that EADS denies the first story. Chicago Tribune: Obama slams… Read More

Week 1, Boeing-IAM strike

For the duration of the IAM strike against Boeing, we’ll divide updates into weeks (Week 1, Week 2, etc.). Any special, breaking news will be its own posting. The Weekly updates probably will consist of linking significant news… Read More

Tanker countdown-maybe

First it was mid-August, then late August and now it’s supposed to be this week. Pardon our skepticism if the US Department of Defense slips yet again on issuing the Final RFP for KC-X program. We’ll update this… Read More

Breaking News: IAM-Boeing strike is on!

From the IAM website, 3:45pm PDT Sept. 5: The Strike Is On! Brothers and sisters: The strike will commence at one minute after midnight tonight. This Company disrespected the process, bargained illegally and most of all, disrespected the… Read More

Countdown to Midnight for Boeing, IAM

Update, 11:50 AM PDT Sept. 5: Innovation Analysis Group has a 15 minute podcast with Jon Ostrower of Flightblogger. Ostrower is on-site at Everett and Renton and talks about what amounts to an “in-plant strike” by the IAM…. Read More

What’s next at Boeing?

If the IAM didn’t have enough reason before to be concerned about out-sourcing, here’s another: Mitsubishi just announced it’s entered a deal with Boeing for its support in building the MRJ regional jet. The so-called Japanese Heavy is… Read More

Morning after IAM Strike Vote/with updates

Update, 9:30 AM PDT Sept. 5: Dominic Gates of The Seattle Times just posted this insightful story on negotiations. Gates paints a dramatic picture of events leading up to the decision to suspend the strike for 48 hours… Read More

Boeing: IAM votes to strike

Sept 3, 645PM PDT: We are at IAM HQ watching the vote count. By eyeball only, things look discouraging for Boeing. Update, 7:30PM PDT: No vote tallies posted but eyeballing stacks continues to suggest it’s discouraging for Boeing…. Read More