US airlines ready orders

There has been a rash of articles this week breathlessly focusing on US carriers and the prospect they will order airplanes this year. This is no revelation, nor is the prospect that Boeing customers might line up and… Read More

1,000 NEOs and “parity” is all it is

Airbus may have booked close to 900 orders for the A320neo family by the time the air show ends tomorrow, a plane that  Boeing says merely reaches “parity” with the 737-800. Airbus, of course, hotly disputes Boeing’s computations… Read More

Making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear: the 737-900ER

Here’s a story we did for Commercial Aviation Online. Date: 04/05/2011 10:00 Source: Commercial Aviation Online Location: Seattle By: Scott Hamilton Sometimes aircraft take a long time to come into their own. The Boeing 757 was initially a… Read More

A320, 737 Re-engine picks up steam

This story has suddenly picked up speed as both Airbus and Boeing discuss re-engine options for their single aisle airplanes. Scott Hamilton and Jon Ostrower discuss the nuances facing both firms – the engine options, the competitor moves… Read More

United splits wide-body buy

United Airlines today (Dec. 08) ordered 25 Airbus A350s and 25 Boeing 787s with options for an equal number. It’s clear why UA did this: the A350 is too big to replace the Boeing 767-300 and the 787… Read More

United nearing decision on refleeting

Update, November 12: We’ve learned United is splitting the wide-body and narrow-body RFPs into two, now planning to make two purchases instead of one. The wide-body order will come first. Boeing has recently become aggressive with 787 offers… Read More

Random Thoughts/Update, Good bye Line 2

Update, 9:20 AM: Flightblogger just posted this: Boeing to buy Vought, Line 2 to go there. This is step one in the allusion below to big news coming out of Boeing that affects Puget Sound. Original Post: ANA… Read More

United for 150 orders?

Update, June 5: Here are a couple of news articles about this story: Business Week USA Today The Daily Deal Here is a 19-minute podcast on this story by Addison Schonland, Ernie Arvai, Erkan Pinar and us. Original… Read More