2012’s Most Influential Person in Commercial Aviation

In 2011 John Leahy of Airbus was voted the most influential person. Who do you think is the most influential this year? We’ll hide the results until the voting is complete.

APA speaks about potential American-US Airways merger

From the Allied Pilots Association leadership to its membership: Fellow pilots, The APA Board of Directors reconvened today at 9 a.m. at union headquarters as part of the ongoing four-party negotiations between American Airlines and US Airways management,… Read More

Leeham on-line poll: 61% expect no contract agreement with SPEEA, Boeing; 57% expect strike

We put two polls into the public domain this week, asking whether SPEEA and Boeing will reach an agreement next month; and if not, will SPEEA strike (a target date is Feb. 1). The results are in: 61%… Read More

Predict: What will be the most momentous event of 2013?

2013 stands to be a pretty eventful year, and we’ve listed thoughts for you to vote on. We’ll hide results until voting is complete. Now a key question: SPEEA and Boeing are on a collision course. Talks resume… Read More

2012’s Most Momentous event: were readers correct?

A year ago we asked the following question and received the results. Now that 2012 is all but over, do you agree with your own forecasts? What is the most momentous event you predict for 2012? Answer Percent… Read More

Odds and Ends: E-190 v Superjet v BBD in Russia; China’s aviation; WestJet’s speed dating; Crandall speaks

E-190 v Superjet v Bombardier: With the finding that the pilot of the demo flight of the Sukhoi SSJ 100 Superjet simply flew into a mountain in Indonesia, rather than there being a problem with the airplane, the… Read More

Vote for the Best Airplane/Airport Movie

All the nominations seem in, and we’ve added a few of our own. Now it’s time to vote for the Best Airplane/Airport Movies (limited to commercially-based airplanes this time). There is a separate poll for the Worst Airplane/Airport… Read More

Vote for the Worst Airplane/Airport Movie

The nominations are in. Now it’s time to vote for the Worst Airplane/Airport Movie. There is a separate poll for the Best Airplane/Airport Movie. A few movies appear on both lists, reflecting a difference in opinions. We’re going… Read More

Odds and Ends: CSeries and London City Airport; new life for BAe-146; SPEEA’s next step

It’s Christmas Eve but there is some news despite this being a slow day. CSeries and London City Airport: The downtown airport is a highly challenging one. Aircraft have a challenging approach. The runway is short. British Airways… Read More

Nominations Wanted for the Best airliner/airport type movie

Let’s lighten up over the Christmas holiday and get some good reader participation. How about submitting as many nominations as you want for the Best Movies involving airliners and/or airports. These can be as recent as Denzel Washington’s… Read More