Vote for the Best Airplane/Airport Movie

All the nominations seem in, and we’ve added a few of our own. Now it’s time to vote for the Best Airplane/Airport Movies (limited to commercially-based airplanes this time).

There is a separate poll for the Worst Airplane/Airport Movie. Some movies appear on both lists, reflecting differences of opinion.

We’re going to hide the results until voting is done.

12 Comments on “Vote for the Best Airplane/Airport Movie

  1. I liked the spoof “Airplane”, the original one. There was “Auto” the autopilot, and the tail fin of a B-707 just above the clouds to the theme music from “Jaws”. A very nearly tie for me would be “Airport”, the original.

  2. Airplane is my favorite. So many one-liners from that movie have creeped into my everyday humor. “I received a letter from Headquarters.” “Headquarters? What is it?” “It’s a building with lots of Generals, but that’s not important right now…”

    And you gotta love the piston engine drone everytime you have an exterior shot of the 707.

    • Ghoast of flight 401 was suppose to be a factual account of the EA-401 L-1011 crash in the Everglades. There were some accurate depictions, but to many others were “hollowoodized” such as Earnest Bordenise’s “ghoast” claiming “there will never be another crash of an L-1011”. DL-191 crashed about 15 years later at DFW, and there was the fire aboard a Saudi L-1011 that killed everyone aboard after an emergency landing. There were also claims of usable parts recovered from EA-401 installed in other L-1011s that caused problems (haunted) aboard tose airplanes they were installed in. That was not true.

  3. What happened to “The Ghost of Flight 401 ” which I find as one of the best movies.

  4. For political reasons, I voted for Die Hard 2 (i nominated it) but the reality is that I loved the terminal and the most culturally significant BY FAR is Airplane, which was the template for a whole genre of comedy as well as having phrases that are still in circulation today (as evinced by previous commenters.)

  5. No Highway in the Sky for best engineer’s movie. The parallel with one of the published root causes of the A380 wing problem is uncanny.

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