737 Re-Generation

Update, January 1: We always get a sense of satisfaction when Boeing confirms our news. Here’s an excerpt of a Bloomberg story picking up on the 737 “re-generation” piece we did for Aviation and the Environment magazine (see… Read More

Odds and ends

As the year trickles down to a close, we’re going to post some news items in one post with any commentary we see fit to add. We don’t expect to be posting at all (unless some huge happens)… Read More

Overwrought concerns

As the world economy and the airline industry seemingly implodes, there is an increasing amount of concern emerging among some aerospace analysts and Internet bloggers over what this means for Airbus and Boeing. The consensus is that Airbus… Read More

“Excusable delay”

If anyone had any doubts about Boeing paying penalities for delays as a result of the 58-day IAM strike, in which the conventional wisdom was that Boeing did not, doubt is removed with this contract language we found… Read More

Boeing revises 787 schedule again

As expected, Boeing revised its 787 schedule, now listing the first flight in the second quarter next year and first delivery into the first quarter of 2010. These represent slips of about six months. The Boeing press release… Read More

Papers play catch up on 787 delays

The Wall Street Journal, The Seattle P-I and other papers are only now playing catch-up to aerospace analysts who last week forecast the first deliveries of the Boeing 787 won’t be until summer of 2010. We also forecast… Read More

Airbus critique of 787

Jon Ostrower of FlightBlogger has a stunning coup: a 48 page critique of Boeing’s 787 by Airbus. His blog link is here. He has a link to the full report.

Profiles of Airbus Financial, Boeing Capital

With the capital market crunch, Airbus and Boeing each said it is prepared to step up and help with customer financing. Below are two stories we did for Commercial Aviation Online, a subscription-only service, about Airbus and Boeing… Read More

787 update due shortly

In this week’s column: 787 Update Due Shortly Other program issues at Boeing The decline and fall of the Chinese aviation sector The impact of the Global economies on Airbus and Boeing 787 Update Due Shortly Boeing plans… Read More

SPEEA vote today

Update, 10:30 PM PST: It’s official: 79% of the engineers and 69% of the technicians voted for the contract. Update, 9:00 PM PST: Unofficial returns: it appears that both contracts passed. It may be another 30-60 minutes before… Read More