HOTR: Boeing hopes for break in China order drought after electors vote for Biden:

By the Leeham News Team Nov. 30, 2020, © Leeham News: Boeing hopes the three-year order drought from China may come to an end next month. The order, according to market intelligence, would be a boost for the… Read More

Pontifications: The risk of closing China to aerospace suppliers

Nov. 30, 2020, © Leeham News: The Trump Administration this month indicated it might expand its ban on doing business with certain Chinese companies. The Administration says the additional companies have ties to the military. Included in the… Read More

2024 will be key year for Boeing in Washington

This is the second in a series of articles examining how labor, Boeing and Washington state could move forward following the COVID pandemic. The first article is here. Subscription Required By Bryan Corliss Analysis Introduction Nov. 30, 2020,… Read More

Bjorn’s Corner: 737 MAX ungrounding, ANAC’s and EASA’s decisions

November 27, 2020, ©. Leeham News: After the lifting on the grounding order by the FAA, ANAC (Brazils regulator) followed in the week, and EASA issued its plans for public comment. What are the differences in the ungrounding… Read More

Enhancing the Dreamliner, Part 8: Wrap Up

Subscription Required By Bjorn Ferhm and Vincent Valery Introduction   Nov. 26, 2020, © Leeham News: After analyzing the three members of the Dreamliner family on several routes out of San Francisco to Asian destinations, we conclude the series… Read More

Boeing 737 MAX changes beyond MCAS

By Bjorn Fehrm November 24, 2020, ©. Leeham News: Last week, we went through the core MCAS changes the FAA demanded from Boeing to lift the grounding of the 737 MAX 8 and 9. As the investigation into… Read More

Updating Airbus and Boeing Orders At Risk

Subscription Required By Vincent Valery Introduction   Nov. 23, 2020, © Leeham News: It’s time to update the analysis on Airbus and Boeing orders at risk for delivery under the “weak customer” doctrine. Under a US accounting rule known… Read More

Pontifications: Why I’d fly the MAX; lessons learned and still to come

Nov. 23, 2020, © Leeham News: I’m okay with flying on board the Boeing 737 MAX. Yes, it’s gone through the wringer in the 20 months since it was grounded. Yes, Boeing and the US Federal Aviation Administration… Read More

Bjorn’s Corner: 737 MAX ungrounding, the technical background

November 20, 2020, ©. Leeham News: This week’s big news is the lifting of the grounding of Boeing’s 737 MAX. I wrote about the changes made to the MAX Wednesday and why I believe it’s safe. Let’s use… Read More

Enhancing the Dreamliner, Part 7: The optimum range for the 787-10

Subscription Required By Bjorn Fehrm Introduction   November 19, 2020, © Leeham News: Last week, we compared the economics of the 787-10 to the 787-9 on the San Francisco to Sydney route. We could see this 6,500nm route does… Read More