Final thoughts on 787 first delivery

There is a sense of relief that Boeing finally delivered the first 787 this week, after a 3 1/2 year delay and the most painful gestation period in Boeing Commercial Airplane history. In addition to the actual rain… Read More

FedEx gets ‘best and final offers’ from Airbus, Boeing

FedEx is considering ordering the Airbus A330-200F or Boeing 767-300F. We learned at ISTAT that some at the company think the A330-200F is too much airplane in terms of range for US domestic service and would prefer the… Read More

787 first delivery, Day 2

Here’s more on Boeing’s first delivery of the 787 to launch customer All Nippon Airways. The first picture illustrates the fancy, new windows in the 787. The manual shade is eliminated in the 787 and the window is… Read More

Soundbites from 787 delivery

From Scott Fancher, head of the 787 program: * We’ve developed a set of technologies that will be the backbone of development for the next 30 years. * This is as big a leap forward as the 707… Read More

Boeing delivers first 787 to ANA

In a packed room of international media, Boeing announced Sunday that All Nippon Airways executed the contract to accept first delivery of the 787, three and one half years late. Boeing has a day-long schedule for the media… Read More

Boeing did Charleston to thwart union: news report, citing Boeing documents

In the first documentation to be revealed, Bloomberg News reports that Boeing did in fact establish the second 787 assembly line in Charleston (SC) to thwart the union–and, from Puget Sound’s perspective, locate the next new airplane in… Read More

Cargolux, Part 3: alternative lift to the ‘rejected’ 747s

On the final night at ISTAT in Barcelona, a new scenario has been suggested in the continuing saga of the Cargolux situation. Cargolux previously  said may seek freighter capacity elsewhere if an agreement with Boeing isn’t reached on… Read More

More on Cargolux: weights and fuel burn

Note: Jon Ostrower at Flight Global has this update. The underlying cause for the Cargolux rejection (the airline’s word) of the delivery of the first two Boeing 747-8Fs is performance. Performance is based, generally, on two things: weight… Read More

What’s behind the Cargolux rejection of the 747-8F delivery

Here’s an expanded version of a story we did for Commercial Aviation Online/Air Transport Intelligence: The embarrassing last minute refusal by Cargolux air cargo to accept delivery of the first Boeing 747-8F that was planned in elaborate ceremonies… Read More

Cargolux, Boeing and a third party: there’s more than meets the eye

We’re in Barcelona, Spain, for the ISTAT conference, and one of the hot topics at the Sunday night reception is the refusal by Cargolux to take delivery of the first and second 747-8Fs gthat were scheduled for Monday… Read More