Random thoughts about Airbus, Boeing and related issues

We’ve been traveling on business all week and naturally the conversation was all aviation. We spoke with lessors, aerospace analysts, hedge funds and private equity. In what amounts to a data dump, here is what is being discussed… Read More

Boeing, SPEEA talks take a turn for the worse

Labor contract negotiations between Boeing and SPEEA took a turn for the worse (and things were bad already) when Boeing asked for federal mediation. If this request is granted, SPEEA won’t be able to strike while mediation is… Read More

Odds and Ends: Boeing’s next twin-aisle strategy; Lion Air/Airbus: you read it here first

Boeing’s next twin-aisle strategy: Aspire Aviation has this long article looking at when Boeing will launch the 787-10 and 777X. Our thoughts on the topic: We are hearing EIS for the 787-10, as Aspire reports, will be 2018… Read More

Boeing and SPEEA: were they in the same meeting?

Within minutes of each other, we received the updates from Boeing and SPEEA, below. It doesn’t sound like they were in the same meeting.   Boeing and SPEEA discuss Ed Wells Partnership funding  Today, Boeing and SPEEA had… Read More

Comparing the 747-8I and the A380 after the advertising battle commenced

Notation: Aeroturbopower weighs in on the controversy with his usual data-driven analysis. With the commencement of the advertising battle between Boeing and Airbus, it is useful to make some additional comparisons prepared by AirInsight. Here is the offending… Read More

New battle breaks out between Airbus and Boeing–in advertising

A new battle has broken out between Airbus and Boeing, this time with a sharp (and perhaps unprecedented) advertisement by Airbus accusing Boeing of outright lying. (Click to enlarge.) We don’t remember ever seeing this direct assault by… Read More

Odds and Ends: A320 Sharklet tests better than forecast; Emirates and A350-1000

Back to work: Airbus flight tests reveal that its Sharklet is one-half percent better on long-range operations than had been forecast. . The company revealed that the A320 Sharklet 4% better fuel burn than the current airplane on… Read More

Still on holiday, here’s Mystery Photo #3

OK, the PBY Catalina was too easy. Try this one.

Happy Thanksgiving–another Mystery Photo

OK, Readers, y’all had a good time with the post yesterday. It’s Thanksgiving. Here’s another Mystery Photo to identify. It is an airplane.

SPEEA contract terminates Nov. 25

The Everett Herald has this story. The Seattle Times has this story. Sunday, November 25, is a critical date in the looming confrontation between Boeing and its White Collar engineers union, SPEEA. This is the date the current… Read More