Bjorn’s Corner: After weight or fuel limited we examine weight or volume limited

31 July 2015, ©. Leeham Co: Last week we explained what fuel limited meant and how that differs from an aircraft that has big enough fuel tanks so it can operate weight limited for its missions. This was… Read More

Rolls-Royce and Safran, major European engine OEMs with different fortunes.

By Bjorn Fehrm Subscription required. July 30, 2015 © Leeham Co. Rolls-Royce and Safran, the parent company of CFM partner Snecma, released their Q2 and first half 2015 earnings today. It is interesting to compare these companies as… Read More

Fancher takes on KC-46A; FAA investigating Allegiant Air

July 30, 2015: Scott Fancher, regarded as the person to come in and take over troubled programs at Boeing, has been named to take over the KC-46A program. Fancher originally came to Boeing Commercial Airplanes from the Boeing… Read More

Embraer delays KC-390 one year in 2Q2015 earnings announcement

July 30, 2015: Embraer reset entry into service for its KC-390 tanker/transport will be in 2018 vs 2017 when it reported its 2Q2015 earnings today. The press release is here. The KC-390 is Embraer’s largest aircraft, with a… Read More

Bombardier reports lower 2Q2015 income

July 30, 2015: Bombardier reported lower net income on slightly higher revenues for the second quarter. The press release is here. The earnings call presentation is here. Bombardier-Q2-2015-Presentation-20150730-en “Overall, the second quarter was in line with plan in terms… Read More

MH370: Caution, no quick resolution

July 29, 2015: By now the world knows a piece of an airplane wing consistent with a Boeing 777 has been found on an island near Africa, thousands of miles from the search areas of the West Coast… Read More

Spirit Aerosystems: Higher profits on lower revenue

July 29, 2015: Spirit Aerosystems, whose principal business is a major OEM supplier to Boeing but which also makes fuselage panels for the Airbus A350, reported lower revenues but higher profits for the FY2Q2015. The press release is… Read More

Triumph Group disappoints, cites decreased aircraft production

July 29, 2015: Triumph Group reported lower FY1Q2016 earnings below analyst expectations, citing in part decreased production of the commercial Airbus A330 program as well as lower production of the Gulfstream G450/550 and Boeing C-17 and 747-8 airplanes…. Read More

Follow the suppliers

Subscription required. Introduction July 28, 2015: © Leeham Co. Trying to decipher what the airframe Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are going to do is a sporty game that is often analogous to Kremlin watching, especially when it comes to… Read More

Rockwell Collins sector sales below expectations because Boeing 787 doing so well

June 28, 2015: Rockwell Collins, a major supplier of aircraft systems, said in its FY3Q2015 earnings call Friday that aftermarket parts and provisioning sales were below expectations in part because the Boeing 787 and the Rockwell parts are… Read More