Airbus, Boeing Top Customers mix of stable, risk and reward

Subscription Required Introduction Dec. 22, 2016, © Leeham Co.: When it comes to comparing backlogs of Airbus and Boeing, the latter likes to point to what it calls a better quality of customers. The fact is, both companies… Read More

Boeing announces 2017 job cuts

Dec. 20, 2016: Boeing yesterday announced a new round of job cuts, hoping that these will come from retirements voluntary buyouts–but it did not rule out involuntary layoffs. No number was given by Boeing for the workforce reduction…. Read More

Pontifications: Leeham News’ approach to the news

Leeham News and Comment will be on holiday Dec. 24, 2016, through Jan. 2, 2017, barring major breaking news. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Dec. 19, 2016, © Leeham Co. Two thousand sixteen is almost over. This… Read More

The Boom SST engine challenges: Summary

By Bjorn Fehrm Subscription required Introduction December 19, 2016, ©. Leeham Co: It’s time to round off our article series around the engine for a Supersonic Transport Aircraft (SST). The series was triggered by Boom Technologies’ plans to launch… Read More

US appeals WTO ruling over prohibited subsidies

Dec. 16, 2016: The US filed a notice of appeal today of the WTO ruling that  Washington State tax breaks granted to entice Boeing to locate a wing plant for the 777X and assemble the airplane at Everett ((WA) was… Read More

Bjorn’s Corner; Turbofan engine challenges, Part 7

December 16, 2016, ©. Leeham Co: After the turbine comes the engine’s exhaust system. This is where the thrust characteristics of the engine are formed. It is also the environment that defines the back pressure for the fan and… Read More

Top 10 Leeham News stories of 2016

 Dec. 15, 2016, © Leeham Co.: The story about a Boeing official who asserted that the Airbus widebody strategy is a “mess” proved to be LNC’s most read story of 2016. Our second most-read story is why the… Read More

The Boom SST engine problem, Part 4

By Bjorn Fehrm Subscription required Introduction December 15, 2016, ©. Leeham Co: In our article series around the engine for a Boom SST, we established the thrust requirements for the engines in Part 3. To fulfill these requirements, we… Read More

Boeing cuts 777 production rate again

Dec. 13, 2016: Boeing yesterday announced another production rate cut for the 777 Classic, effective next August. The rate goes to 5/mo. Because of the transition to the 777X, the actual delivery rate will be 3.5/mo. Leeham Co…. Read More

Boeing faces prospect of China’s political wrath thanks to Trump

Subscription Required Introduction Dec. 12, 2016, © Leeham Co.: “China Inc.,” the combined group of airlines and lessors directed or controlled by the government, is Boeing’s largest customer, an China is Boeing largest single customer. Campaign rhetoric of… Read More