Odds and Ends: 747-400 crash on tape; Repairing the 787 brand; Another 747 doom-and-gloom story

This is dramatic video on the National Air Cargo Boeing 747-400F crash at a US AFB in Afghanistan. Repairing the 787 brand: We’ve noted previously the brand damage Boeing has to deal with following the 787 issues. This… Read More

Odds and Ends: Change fees; Two ex-NTSB members rap Boeing, FAA, current NTSB

About those change fees: Last week we reported from the US Airways Media Day and among the topics was that of change fees. US Airways matched United Airlines to charge $200 if you change your ticket. Here’s an… Read More

US Airways Execs talk to us about fleet plans, change fees and the AA livery

We had the opportunity to sit down for a one-on-two interview with Scott Kirby, President of US Airways, and Derek Kerr, EVP and CFO, during the annual media day. We covered labor, fleet planning, change fees and the… Read More

Forward Looking Statements–the Fast Version

Publicly traded companies in the US must go through a ritual of providing “Forward Looking Statements,” which are filled with legalese that are getting longer and long. To be in compliance at yesterday’s media day, US Airways dutifully… Read More

Odds and Ends: $500k per plane to fix 787, says FAA; China’s Airbus order

Cost of 787 fix: It will cost nearly $500,000 per aircraft to install the battery fix in the Boeing 787, documents released by the Federal Aviation Administration indicate. The actual math is $466,666. Analysts believe the 787 grounding… Read More

US Airways Media Day-Part 3

Bev Goulet, SVP and Chief Integration Officer, American Airlines Robert Isom, EVP-Chief Operations Officer, US Airways Elise Eberwein, EVP People, Communications and Public Affairs BG: Merger benefits flow to shareholders and stakeholders, employees, customers, and communities. This will… Read More

Reader confidence rising about Boeing battery fix for 787

Reader confidence has risen over the battery fixes designed by Boeing and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration for the 787 in our unscientific poll. In the third of three polls we’ve conducted–one before details of a fix… Read More

USAirways Media Day-Part 2

Robert Isom, EVP-COO 2012 had more zero flight cancellation days than  the prior seven years combined. Best operational performance metrics since the US-HP merger. 2012 topped on-time performance of legacy carriers (Hawaiian tends to be better-Editor). US Airways… Read More

US Airways Media Day-Part 1

We’re at the US Airways Media Day and we’ll provide updates throughout the day. First up is Doug Parker, CEO of US Airways and the new CEO of American Airlines when the merger is consummated. Doug Parker: This… Read More

Odds and Ends: Boeing helps create new competitor; Home for the 777X; CSeries backlog

Mitsubishi MRJ: The Seattle Times has this profile of the Mitsubishi MRJ and Japan’s emerging role in global aerospace. What particularly struck us was the narration about the benefits Mitsubishi gained from Boeing in designing and building airplanes…. Read More