ILFC gets $5.7bn in financing

Mega-lessor International Lease Finance Corp. (ILFC) obtained a $5.7 billion commercial paper financing via the Federal Reserve Bank Commercial Paper Funding Facility. This just goes to show what government ownership can do for you, after all. ILFC, of… Read More

IAM Vote Saturday

The IAM vote on the Boeing contract offer is Nov. 1, with results expected by around 8 PM PDT. We’ll be on scene and anticipate updating throughout the vote count from about 6:30. We think there is a… Read More

Vote ‘Yes’ on IAM contract; SPEEA talks begin

The IAM union at Boeing votes Saturday (Nov. 1) on the revised contract offer presented by Boeing. It’s time to vote ‘yes,’ and get the union members back to work, production lines going again and Boeing customers their… Read More

Assessing the settlement

Update, October 30: Seattle post-Intelligencer: Bill Virgin, an astute business columnist, opines on who won and who lost in the strike settlement. Update, 5:00 PM: Here is a 17 minute podcast about the settlement with Richard Aboulafia, Scott… Read More

Details of IAM-Boeing settlement

October 28: STATEMENT FROM DBR TOM WROBLEWSKI: This synopsis reflects the highlights of the issues that you identified: job security, wages, pension and health care. This is just a summary of some highlights, we will be providing additional… Read More

Breaking News: Tentative Deal, IAM-Boeing

8:00 PM PDT Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Aerospace writer James Wallace has one of the first, comprehensive reports following the tentative settlement between the IAM and Boeing. Bloomberg News has this report. 9:00 PD PDT: So where do things go… Read More

US Airways delays A350 one year

Our colleague at Flight Global, Mary Kirby, writes for Air Transport Intelligence (we write for Flight’s Commercial Aviation Online) that US Airways will defer its A350 deliveries by one year. This story is on the free site at… Read More

Obama considers dual tanker buy

The US Air Force AIM online newsletter reported October 24 that presidential candidate Barack Obama is considering a dual tanker purchase. The article is here. The same publication has another story quoting a retired general as saying delaying… Read More

Week 8: IAM-Boeing strike

October 27: SPEEA, the engineers union at Boeing, starts its table negotiations tomorrow. Michele Dunlop of The Everett Herald has a good summary of the issues. At the moment, things look rather bleak and a strike by SPEEA… Read More

Boeing 3Q results, earnings call

Boeing announced its third quarter/nine month results today. The full press release with the results may be found here. Boeing’s 11-page PDF slide show that goes with the conference call may be found here. The full earnings call… Read More