Farnborough Air Show, July 14: Orders Summary

Here are orders that were announced on the first official day of the Farnborough Air Show (at least the ones we’ve seen from Seattle–feel free to add to the list if we’ve missed any):

  • Airbus: from Air Lease Corp: 25 A330neos and 60 A321neos. British Airways converts 20 A320neo options to firm orders; 20 A320neos from AerCap.
  • ATR: NAC places firm order for 75 ATR 42-600s.
  • Boeing: Announced what had been leaked before the show–30 737-8s from Monarch Airlines, an important “flip” from incumbent Airbus; six 737 MAX 8s and four Next-Generation 737-800s from Okay Airlines; six 787-9 Dreamliners and five additional 737 MAX 9 from lessor Avolon.
  • Bombardier signed LOIs with: Chinese airline Loong Air for 20 CS100s; Petra Airlines of Jordon for two CS100s and two CS300s; and it converted a previously announced LOI for Falcon Air of Abu Dhabi for two CS300s to a firm order. BBD also revealed a previously unidentified follow-on order for three CS300s from Air Baltic. This was announced at the Singapore Air Show.
  • CFM International won the large engine order from American Airlines to power its A319neo/A321neo fleet. We reported June 19 that this deal would come down to commercial terms, according to American CFO Derek Kerr. Given CFM’s position on the Boeing 737-800, 737-8 and Airbus A319ceo; and GE Aviation’s presence on AA’s widebody fleet, plus whatever maintenance agreements also exist, CFM/GE was in a position to offer commercial terms that Pratt & Whitney could not when offering the GTF. Also as previously noted, CFM won the easyJet A320neo family order for 270 engines.
  • Embraer: 50 “reconfirmable” and 50 options for the E-175-E2 from Trans States Airlines of the USA.
  • Mitsubishi: Eastern Airlines signed an MOU for 20 firm and 20 purchase rights for this MRJ90. Parenthetically, we’re happy that Mitsubishi also announced it will test the MRJ in Moses Lake (WA).
  • Pratt & Whitney won the GTF order for VivaAerobus’s 40+40 A320 fleet and the V2500 for 12 A320ceos.

Things of note:

  • Airbus predicts sales of 1,000 A330neos, plans two year overlap in production of A330ceo. EIS 4Q2017.

The sniping between Airbus and Boeing continues:

  • “The only way a passenger will know he’s not on a 787 is that the seats will be bigger,” says John Leahy of the A330neo vs the Boeing 787. Leahy gives good quote.
  • Ray Conner, CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, calls the A330 an airplane of the 1980s. (Careful, Ray: the 737 MAX and the 747-8 are airplanes of the 1960s….)

12 Comments on “Farnborough Air Show, July 14: Orders Summary

  1. Scott, does that Easyjet engine order include ceo engines as well?

  2. By the way: NAC is not Nepal Airlines but Nordic Aviation Capital, a leasing company.

  3. Air lease is moving froward… Hazy knows what to buy:-)

    Great news for Mitsubishi as well:-)

    > Mitsubishi: Eastern Airlines signed an MOU for 20 firm and 20 purchase rights for this MRJ90. Parenthetically, we’re happy that Mitsubishi also announced it will test the MRJ in Moses Lake (WA).

    Mark Conrad Sent from my iPhone


  4. With the A350, the A330 NEO and probably the A380 NEO, Rolls Royce is going to have a monopoly on Airbus wide bodies. Meanwhile GE is totally losing ground with Airbus WB. Any comment about that Scott ?

  5. Where are the orders? You would have thought the A330NEO would have had a MUCH bigger party at coming out day than 25 from a leasing company. Where is the Indiago order for 200 frames? What happened to day one? Will Boeing make that announcement about EK and the 787-10 and the 777W carry overs on Tuesday?

    • Well…they just got 30 Orders today….seems like the momentum is building.

      As Airbus’ John Leahy says about the A330neo launch, “[Boeing] are in a state of panic right now and they should be.” If Leahy’s A330 NEO performance claims are true, then the implications for the success of the 787 Program are staggering.

  6. What? Leahy doesn’t get a caution about his “seat bigger” comments when he was peddling an A340 a few months ago with his 16.4 inch seat?

      • I did!! 😉 Leahy better watch it…he says some pretty ridiculous stuff and it has bit him on the a** a couple of times.

        But you are right..he gives good quotes…

  7. Somethings just stood out with today’s announcement but I have to think I am missing something. First of all, the list price of A330-900neo is 275 Mil. which is only 5% less than A359, a model that can fly much farther, with more passengers and so on. Then I got to think that this price is there only to protect any exchanges for A358 which really forces the few remaining holdouts to go for A359 while offering big discounts to new buyers. Now range is another issue since it seems only 400 nm more with much more fuel than with today’s version. Something really doesn’t add up with range/fuel ratios especially since bypass ratio has been doubled to 10:1. I know timing is everything but why didn’t they wait for RR advanced at 2020?

  8. Actually the A330 is a warmed over A300, so you can make that a 70s aircraft! As the 737 is not all that much older, they are in good company with each other.

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