PNAA: Split buy is only solution for tanker buy

Day 2 of the PNAA conference: Richard Aboulafia, consultant of The Teal Group, said that a split buy is the only way the USAF will be able to procure the KC-X tanker. Aboulafia said the decision no longer… Read More

PNAA conference: EADS likely to win tanker contest

We’re at Day 1 of the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance conference in Lynnwood (WA) and at the Defense Focus Day co-organized by the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition, consultant Michel Merluzeau of G2 Solutions (Kirkland, WA) predicted EADS will… Read More

WTO penalties on the tanker? Let’s talk about this

For all the spin back-and-forth Monday (Jan. 31) on the final, but still confidential, ruling on illegal subsidies to Boeing, little was said about the long-running (and overly-politicized) effort by Boeing and its supporters to have Congress force… Read More

Countdown on KC-X tanker award

Comments are still closed. Readers interested in posting Comments, please read our New Policies on Comments. Comments are re-opened, but moderated. EADS CEO Louis Gallois went public today in Europe with his prediction that the USAF will award… Read More

Looking ahead for the tanker award

Will it ever end? This is the question about the interminable KC-X tanker competition. Unofficial word is now that the USAF is to announce its award in February, after slipping from January, December, November, October and August. US… Read More

Senate hearing in tanker snafu appropriate

US Sen. Carl Levin announced yesterday that he will hold a hearing by Feb. 1 into the snafu by the USAF over sending Boeing and EADS information about each other’s KC-X tanker submission. We think this is appropriate,… Read More

Odds and ends: Airbus/EADS and Boeing

With Christmas around the corner, here are some year-end thoughts, absent any breaking news of some kind in the week ahead: 737 upgrade: Southwest Airlines continues to pressure Boeing to do something about a more fuel efficient airplane,… Read More

Looking at Boeing in 2011

The Everett (WA) Herald has a good series of articles on Boeing’s outlook in 2011. Start here. Be sure to scroll all the way down to the end of the story; there are six other related links. There… Read More

Outsourcing US Defense

As regular readers know, a major piece of controversy over the prospect of awarding the KC-X contract to EADS North America is the assertion that this will outsource US defense procurement to a foreign company. We’ve noted in… Read More

Laying the groundwork for a Boeing appeal on KC-X

Update, Dec. 1: George Talbot of The Mobile Press-Register has this interesting interview with Michael Wynne, a former top defense department procurement official, who suggests a solution to the KC-X quandary. Also, at 12:50pm PST: Bloomberg has this… Read More