Odds and Ends: MC-21 to be renamed; Boeing buys land; seat wars ahead?

MC-21 to be renamed: After creating a brand for the Russian Irkut MC-21, authorities have decided to rename the airplane the Yak 242, according to this article in Flight International. The article is too brief to explain the… Read More

Odds and Ends: Boeing’s MAX to China; Airbus sees no order bubble; Boeing’s wide-body dominance; BBD’s risk

Boeing’s MAX to China: The absence has been conspicuous, but no more: China will take 200 737 MAXes, according to Reuters. It will be interesting to see what delivery slots becoe available. Boeing always holds open some slots… Read More

Future for the 777, A330 as 777X nears launch, A350 nears EIS

With the launch of the Boeing 777X expected to be approved this month by the Boeing Board of Directors, followed by the public launch at the Dubai Air Show next month, the future sales of the in-production 777… Read More

Lion Air’s massive orders continue to raise doubts

The news that Asia’s Lion Air might be planning an order for the Bombardier CS300 energized the media and those that follow the OEM. If Lion Air follows through, this would be a major defection from Airbus and… Read More

Odds and Ends: Airbus to rethink A380 strategy, says Reuters; Boeing B-29

A380 Strategy: Airbus may rethink the near-term strategy of the A380, with an eye toward reducing production rates, reports Reuters. Earlier this week, Boeing announced a rate reduction for the 747-8. Very Large Aircraft (VLA) continue to be… Read More

Boeing earnings call: 787 accounting block boosted to 1,300

Boeing announced today that the accounting block for the 787 program has been increased by 200 to 1,300. Introduction of the 787-10, boosting the production rate from 10 to 12 to 14 between now and the end of… Read More

Boeing’s third quarter/9 month profit; raises 787 production target

Boeing today announced its third quarter and nine-month financial results, repoting strong profits. It also announced plans to raise 787 production to 12/mo by 2016 and 14/mo before the end of this decade, confirming our report from last… Read More

Odds and Ends: Repairing the Ethiopian 787; more on A350-1000 stretch; new RR engine study

Ethiopian 787: Dominic Gates at The Seattle Times has a detailed story about how Boeing is repairing the Ethiopian Airlines 787 damaged by a fire at London Heathrow Airport earlier this year. Boeing doesn’t comment for the story–nor… Read More

Is tide ready to turn for CSeries?

Is the tide ready to turn for the Bombardier CSeries? Following a nine month delay, the CS100 Flight Test Vehicle #1 took to the air September 16. It’s flown only twice since and has been undergoing ground vibration… Read More

A350 program update: EIS date set (sort of); ambiguity over -800; talk of a -1000 stretch

Airbus provided a program update Monday to the international media. Here are links to initial stories. Airchive: Airbus sees shift toward 250-300 seat aircraft. Airchive reproduces some of the illustrations Airbus presented. Airchive reports the planned EIS for… Read More