EADS/Airbus says ‘No’ to Air Force One competition

EADS and its subsidiary Airbus won’t compete for the Air Force competition to replace the US President’s Air Force One. The very idea of the President of the United States possibly flying around in a French airplane was… Read More

Financing Airbus, Boeing customers

Too much is being made over a decision by France to funnel cash through French banks for the express purpose of providing financing to Airbus customers. France will provide $6.5 billion to the banks for loans to the… Read More

Airbus YE08 Conferences Tuesday, Thursday

EADS and its subsidiary Airbus will have their year-end 08 press conferences January 13 and 15 to discuss 2008 orders, events and the outlook for 2009. This comes on the heals of a January 9 analyst report by… Read More

New Air Force One; Boeing layoffs

Flight International reports that the Air Force issued a Request for Information (RFI) for a new Air Force One to replace the Boeing 747-200 that will be 27 years old when it’s replaced. The USAF previously said that… Read More

2009: Recovery for Boeing, Challenges at Airbus

Update, January 10: Bloomberg News reports EADS says it will be three years after the A400M’s first test flight–which remains unscheduled–before Airbus will ship the airplane to customers. This is hardly good news. Original Post: Commercial Aviation enters… Read More

Overwrought concerns

As the world economy and the airline industry seemingly implodes, there is an increasing amount of concern emerging among some aerospace analysts and Internet bloggers over what this means for Airbus and Boeing. The consensus is that Airbus… Read More

Airbus critique of 787

Jon Ostrower of FlightBlogger has a stunning coup: a 48 page critique of Boeing’s 787 by Airbus. His blog link is here. He has a link to the full report.

Profiles of Airbus Financial, Boeing Capital

With the capital market crunch, Airbus and Boeing each said it is prepared to step up and help with customer financing. Below are two stories we did for Commercial Aviation Online, a subscription-only service, about Airbus and Boeing… Read More

787 update due shortly

In this week’s column: 787 Update Due Shortly Other program issues at Boeing The decline and fall of the Chinese aviation sector The impact of the Global economies on Airbus and Boeing 787 Update Due Shortly Boeing plans… Read More

Hazy has deal to buy ILFC

Bloomberg News has a story quoting the head of mega-lessor saying he has a deal to buy International Lease Finance Corp. from insurance giant AIG. ILFC is the largest customer of Airbus and Boeing. It owns and manages… Read More