Enhancing the Dreamliner, Part 1: the 787-8

Subscription Required By Vincent Valery Introduction   Oct. 8, 2020, © Leeham News: The Dreamliner program is approaching its 1000th delivery less than 10 years after entry into service. It is the fastest-ever delivery ramp-up for any twin-aisle program…. Read More

HOTR: What Delta and Qatar Airways have in common

By the Leeham News team Oct. 6, 2020, © Leeham News: Apart from a few exceptions, airlines have had to take steep losses since the beginning of the COVID-19. The pain is compounded for two major airlines: Delta… Read More

Gov. Inslee misses the point in his pique over Boeing 787 production decision

By Scott Hamilton Analysis Oct. 5, 2020, © Leeham News: The contrast in tones couldn’t be sharper. With the announcement last Thursday by Boeing it will consolidate 787 production from Everett into Charleston, local political leaders were disappointed… Read More

Pontifications: Boeing works on green aviation initiatives

Oct. 5, 2020, © Leeham News: Even as Boeing works its way through the final days of the 737 MAX grounding and how to survive the COVID-19 crisis, it’s working on greener aviation. LNA already reported how Boeing… Read More

Sunset of the Quads, Part 9, Wrap-up

Subscription Required By Vincent Valery and Bjorn Fehrm Introduction   Oct. 1st, 2020, © Leeham News: Last week, we compared the economics of the A380 against the 747-8 and 777-9 on the Frankfurt to New York route. We now… Read More

Bjorn’s Corner: The challenges of Hydrogen. Part 11. Emissions

October 2, 2020, ©. Leeham News: In our series on Hydrogen as an energy store for airliners we look deeper at the emissions from a hydrogen airliner and compare it to the emissions from today’s carbon fueled aircraft.

Boeing needs to show respect for taxpayers, Gov. Inslee says

By Scott Hamilton Oct. 1, 2020, © Leeham News: Washington Gov. Jay Inslee reacted today to Boeing’s decision to consolidate 787 production in Charleston (SC) with a threat. “Boeing’s decision to take the 787 to South Carolina necessitates… Read More

It’s official: Boeing to consolidate 787 production in Charleston in 2021

Oct. 1, 2020, (c) Leeham News: It’s official: Boeing confirmed this morning what has been expected since late July: 787 production will be consolidated in Charleston at its 787 final assembly line. Consolidation will be from mid-2021, earlier… Read More

Nobody should be surprised at Boeing decision

By Scott Hamilton Commentary Oct. 1, 2020, © Leeham News: Nobody, but nobody, should be surprised that Boeing is going to consolidate 787 production in Charleston (SC). This die was cast Oct. 28, 2009, when Boeing announced that the… Read More

Retrospective-4, 11/1/09: 787 Line 2 Postmortem

DownloadOct. 1, 2020, (c) Leeham News: This is the fourth in a series of Retrospectives about Boeing’s decision to locate the second 787 Final Assembly Line in Charleston (SC).