737 MAX vs A320 neo: The debate continues

Here’s the next round in the continuing debate. Bernstein Research published this chart detailing how Airbus and Boeing differ on the performance improvements they predict. There is, of course, no way to know who is correct until the… Read More

Odds and Ends: Price vs Price in Indian contest; China theat; 787 financial impact on Boeing

Price vs Price: More on the price war between Airbus and Boeing in the A320 v 737 contest. Dominic Gates of The Seattle Times has this analysis of hot contest to win an order from India’s Jet Airways,… Read More

A320 build rate, Alabama presents proposal to Airbus

Airbus won’t increase the production rate on the A320 family until introduction of the NEO and it’s now become public that Alabama has presented a proposal to Airbus for an assembly plant there. Airbus disclosed the plan to… Read More

Airbus Innovation Days: synopsis of a lot of stuff

We’ve been at the Airbus Innovation Days in Toulouse, with about 200 others from around the globe. Here are some highlights: A380 wing rib issues: As reported previously in various media, Tom Williams, EVP-programs, outlined the issues with… Read More

Comparing Neo, Ceo, NG and MAX

As Airbus and Boeing battle for orders for the current generation A320 and 737 families and for the re-engined models, comparisons between the four sets of aircraft has been difficult to come by. Furthermore, with Boeing continuing to… Read More

70″ Fan for the 737 MAX

We picked up information that Boeing’s announcement at ISTAT in March that it had settled on a 68.4 inch fan for the 737 MAX LEAP-1B wasn’t a done deal. Now Buckingham Research comes out of Tuesday’s Boeing’s investors’… Read More

Airbus, Boeing accuse each other of price war; what’s the real story?

We find this very interesting: Boeing says Airbus is engaged in predatory pricing on the A320. Airbus says Boeing is engaged in a price war. What’s the truth? It seems to us that orders might tell the story…. Read More

Odds and Ends: KC-787 unlikely; Qatar on A380, A350 and CSeries; more Airbus-Boeing bickering

KC-787?: Defense News has this article quoting Jim Albaugh that the prospect of a KC-787 is unlikely. Qatar on Airbus, Bombardier: Qatar’s Akbar Al-Baker says he won’t take the Airbus A380 without a permanent fix for the wing… Read More

Odds and Ends: Puzzling math remains puzzling in 737 v A320 debate

Puzzling math remains puzzling: Boeing has said for the better part of two years that the 737-800 is 8% more economical than the Airbus A320 and the advantage translates into leads it claims for the MAX over the… Read More

Odds and Ends: Boeing revises MAX winglet, adding 1.5% to efficiency

Update, 2:15 PM PDT: Airbus issued this response to the Boeing development: “This kind of split-tip device was among the options we studied for the A320 Family, and we decided instead to advance with our Sharklet design as… Read More