Odds and Ends: Puzzling math remains puzzling in 737 v A320 debate

Puzzling math remains puzzling: Boeing has said for the better part of two years that the 737-800 is 8% more economical than the Airbus A320 and the advantage translates into leads it claims for the MAX over the… Read More

Odds and Ends: Boeing revises MAX winglet, adding 1.5% to efficiency

Update, 2:15 PM PDT: Airbus issued this response to the Boeing development: “This kind of split-tip device was among the options we studied for the A320 Family, and we decided instead to advance with our Sharklet design as… Read More

Odds and Ends: ‘We’re happy with LEAP, confident it will meet target’

During the Boeing 1Q2012 earnings call, CEO Jim McNerney had this to say about the story that won’t die (that Boeing continues to look at the PW Geared Turbo Fan for the 737 MAX): The gear turbo fan,… Read More

Another story that won’t die

We’ve recently tagged a few items “a story that won’t die.” Here is another one, the continuing analysis of the Pratt & Whitney GTF for the Boeing 737 MAX. Although Boeing’s Lauren Penning told The Puget Sound Business… Read More

Boeing reveals some MAX details, at last

Boeing has, at long last, revealed some details about the 737 MAX, most of which have long been talked about in various media. Boeing is further testing new wingtip designs–with or without winglets? And while readers cite this… Read More

Odds and Ends: 777-9X will create new class of airplane

Boeing 777X: The 777-8X, said to be a replacement for the 777-200, is really sized closer to the 777-300 and the 777-9X is a new class of airplane. See this story for details. A330neo: It’s a story that… Read More

Filling the gap until re-engine

Reuters has this interesting story from Airbus and a focus on selling the A320ceo (Current Engine Option) to fill in production slots in 2015-17 (2013-14 slots are sold out) while waiting for the A320neo (New Engine Option) production… Read More

MAX could arrive early, says Southwest; it will be late, says AerCap

This is one of the more odd items we’ve seen in a while. Southwest Airlines, the launch customer for the 737 MAX, believes that entry-into-service could be earlier than the current target of 4Q2017. Boeing would like to… Read More

Airbus Neo vs Boeing MAX: customer split

Bernstein Research has a good illustration of the competition of the Airbus Neo vs the Boeing MAX. It shows which Boeing customers selected Neo

Boeing MAX v Airbus NEO; Fan size and optimizing the LEAP for MAX, Part 2

The war of words between Airbus and Boeing continued unabated at the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance 11th Annual Conference this week in suburban Seattle. As fully expected, Airbus said its planes are better than Boeing and Boeing said… Read More