Leeham News launches Premium plan, companion to free content; engineer joins staff

Free content.

Leeham News and Comment (LNC) today launched a Premium subscription plan as a companion to free content.

LNC has provided news and commentary since February 2008, providing industry-leading information and insightful analysis, principally focuses on Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer but also including emerging challengers to the Big Four OEMs, the leading engine manufacturers, suppliers and airline news.

LNC has been a leading resource of news and comment throughout the commercial aviation industry and its professional followers in the aerospace supply chain, investment analysts and the media.

Since the first of this year, LNC increasingly provided more and more technically-based content. This content is valuable and supplements the industry-leading news and reporting that has been provided since 2008. We are pleased to announce the addition to our staff, Bjorn Fehrm, who focuses on technical evaluation and complements the strategic expertise of Scott Hamilton, the founder of LNC and Leeham Co. consultancy.

Bjorn Fehrm has an aeronautical engineering background with patented devices on several aircraft.

Bjorn Fehrm has an aeronautical engineering background with patented devices on several aircraft.

Fehrm joins Leeham Co and LNC as Aeronautical and Economical analyst. He has a background as an aeronautical engineer and Fighter pilot from the Swedish Air Force where he flew the Draken and worked on the Viggen and Gripen programs. After leaving the Air Force he worked at SAAB with the Gripen program in the area of countermeasures.

Fehrm is the developer and expert on Leeham Co’s aircraft model, which enables a complete performance analysis of aircraft from aerodynamical data to cost of operation. The model is now expanded to include the revenue side of civil airliner operations.

Fehrm, the holder of four WW patents in Aeronautics/High tech. is married and the father of two children. He lives with his wife near Nice in the south of France.

Premium content will include aircraft analysis, key reporting and analysis and strategic content. We’ll provide a short preview of the information before requiring a LogIn for full access the the article. Last week we spent three days in Brazil visiting Embraer and getting full briefings, including a 90 minute session with the chief operating officer of Commercial Aviation. Most, but not all, of these reports will be Premium content, with postings starting today. Later this week, we will begin an in-depth look at the Boeing 757, the Airbus A321neo and the Boeing 737-9 and the prospect of replacing the 757. This will be Premium content.

We will continue to offer free access to breaking news, selective reporting, such as that from the Farnborough and Paris air shows, industry conferences and more. Some of other exclusive reporting, such as portions of our visit to Embraer, will also be reserved for the free content.

“We want to provide a good mix and balance of Premium and free content,” said Hamilton. “We built up a loyal following during these past six years and we want to continue to serve those who have enjoyed and benefited from our news and commentary. At the same time, our information has become increasingly detailed, exclusive and technical. This should be reserved for Premium subscribers.”

15 Comments on “Leeham News launches Premium plan, companion to free content; engineer joins staff

  1. Welcome to Bjorn !
    For sure, the best team out there
    Where are the detailed subscription conditions ?
    When will a “staffing” section will open 😀


  2. Welcome, Bjorn. This website does a great service to help inform the larger world of what is happening related to commercial aircraft development. I hope you can find a good balance between free content and premium content, that will ensure many less vested readers will continue to benefit from your insight. Ideally, with the right balance, many will also want to ante up a fair premium subscription fee.

    • Hi, my aim is to present interesting things both as free content and as premium. The more interesting things will be premium (naturally). This is where we will use our unique model for apples to apples comparisons. We are starting with the first tomorrow; can an A321neo or 737 MAX9 replace a 757-200W on long and thin international routes? If not, how much modifications are needed and can the OEM’s achieve this in near time?

      Stay tuned for more..

  3. Welcome to Bjorn Fehrm and best wishes to Leeham/Scott into making this a success. Hopefully Bjorn will now and then jump over the pay wall and give us some opinions on defense stuff.

  4. Ah well, 49.95/mo is a bit beyond my reach as a simple aviation enthusiast. My coffee uptake is just less than 15 cups a year. :S

    Wishing all the very best to the Leeham team.

    • We will have some substantive free content as well, as the EMB #3 post indicates. We’ll have something on the VLA market Monday, free. So keep checking back.

    • You think?

      Coming from Malaysia, that’s over RM 163+ a month for me in my local currency. But Leeham has been a very good read for me up till now.. *struggles internally with self* LOL

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    • There is still a bug, only works here in internet explorer here, not from Google Chrome

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