Single-Aisle backlog market share between the Big Two

The rivalry between Airbus and Boeing intensified in recent weeks with Airbus landing another major order from a previously exclusive Boeing customer, LionAir. Boeing announced another major order just a day later, Ryanair, retaining exclusivity with this customer…. Read More

Boeing nabs Airbus customer SilkAir

Boeing won an important, symbolic victory over Airbus in the neo v MAX competition by nabbing SilkAir, heretofore an exclusive Airbus A320 family customer. SilkAir will order up to 68 Boeing 737-800s and -8 MAXes. After Airbus grabbed… Read More

Odds and Ends: the cost of a 737-800; Planes take off despite ground mishap; ‘We know about this’

Boeing 737-800: Wells Fargo’s aerospace analyst team issued a note today that confirms its previous calculations that American Airlines is paying $40m-$41m for its 737-800s. Update, August 1: We received this note from Wells Fargo: What was confirmed… Read More

Farnborough, Day 3: Even more dull than Day 2

Few little activity today. Orders today Airbus: CIT Aerospace, 10 A330 (five previously undisclosed); China Aircraft Leasing, 28 A320ceo, 8 A321ceo–MOU. Boeing: Avolon (lessors), commitment for 20 737 MAX 8/9 and 10 737-800s. The MAXes are part of… Read More

Farnborough, Day 2: Dullsville; 737 MAX weights, ranges

Update, 8:30 PDT: If anyone thought Airbus’ John Leahy doesn’t have some orders up his sleeve, get a gander at this from Reuters: Airbus sales chief John Leahy was in typically combative and upbeat form: “The party’s over?…. Read More

Aircraft demand: Comparing the Big Four OEMs

(Note: The Market Outlook information was released July 3; this piece contains information that was embargoed to July 5.) Boeing updated its 20 year forecast, from 2012-2031, upping the total market demand about 600 airplanes. In its annual… Read More

Boeing MAX v Airbus NEO; Fan size and optimizing the LEAP for MAX, Part 2

The war of words between Airbus and Boeing continued unabated at the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance 11th Annual Conference this week in suburban Seattle. As fully expected, Airbus said its planes are better than Boeing and Boeing said… Read More

737RE up at Boeing Board today

Update, 930am: The Daily Express of L0ndon (of all places) reported yesterday BCA got the approval Friday for the 737RE and that the announcement is to come today. Thanks to Heidi Wood of Morgan Stanley for this one…. Read More

Flightblogger on 737RE, Aeroturbopower on A320 v 737-800

Two very interesting posts came up today. The first is from Aeroturbopower, a blog that concentrates on engines and engine-related stuff. In today’s post, Aeroturbopower has a very interesting analysis on fuel burn on the Airbus A320 vs… Read More

Countdown at American for huge order

American Airlines is believed ready to decide on replacing as many as 250 narrow-bodies in its fleet as early as this week. The Wall Street Journal published this report Sunday outlining the stakes. We suggested recently that AA… Read More