ISTAT Day 1: There is uncertainty

Feb. 29, 2016 (c) Leeham Co.: “The world is changing very dramatically,” says Adam Pilarski, the economist for the consulting firm Avitas. We’re at the 2016 ISTAT AGM in Phoenix and will be reporting today and tomorrow on presentations… Read More

Challenges working against 777 Classic production goal

Subscription Required Introduction March 22, 2015, c. Leeham Co.: The aerospace analyst team at Wells Fargo last Thursday predicted a production rate cut for the Boeing 777 Classic despite continued statements by Boeing it will maintain production at… Read More

Bombardier sees solid future for CRJ

March 20, 2015: C. Leeham Co. Bombardier’s current challenges don’t end with the CSeries. The company has seen its once-dominate positions in the regional jet and turbo prop markets decline precipitously. The CRJ struggles in its sales against… Read More

Pontifications: Jumping on the MOM bandwagon

March 15, 2015: There was little “real” news coming out of ISTAT this year, which is probably why the topics of the “757 replacement” and the 200-250 seat, 4,500 mile twin-aisle airplane prospect drew so much attention. Sitting… Read More

Pontifications: From the sidelines of the ISTAT conference, Notes #2

March 13, 2015: More Notes from the sidelines at the ISTAT conference this week in Phoenix. Boeing 777 production rates and advancing schedule Randy Tinseth, Boeing VP-Marketing, predictably stuck to Boeing messaging Monday at the ISTAT conference when… Read More

ISTAT: Economist Adam Pilarski on oil prices

Adam Pilarski, the economist from Avitas who years ago predicted oil prices would hit $40/bbl to the near-total disbelief by delegates attending the ISTAT convention where he made his prediction, proved nearly right. Prices dipped into the mid-$40s… Read More

ISTAT: Bombardier vs Embraer: unsurprisingly, differing views

March 9, 2015: Ross Mitchell, vice president of business development, Bombardier, and John Slattery, chief commercial officer for Embraer, squared off today at the ISTAT conference. Below is a paraphrased summary of their panel discussion.

ISTAT: Randy Tinseth: pax traffic going from 3bn today to 7bn by 2033

Randy Tinseth, VP Marketing of Boeing, presented today to the ISTAT conference. Here is a synopsized summary of his comments.

ISTAT: John Leahy: No bubble for at least the next five years

Marhc 9, 2015: John Leahy, chief operating officer,customer of Airbus, presented at ISTAT. The following is a running paraphrased summary.

Notes #1 from ISTAT 2015

Snippets heard in the hallways of the 2015 ISTAT annual meeting in Phoenix: The Rolls-Royce Advance engine intended for the Airbus A380neo appears to be heavy, causing Airbus to return to Engine Alliance to discuss how the GP7200… Read More