ISTAT: Warning signs for airline industry

March 9, 2015: There are warning signs the global airline industry needs to heed, says John Luth, CEO of the US consultancy Seabury Group. The economic recovery isn’t uniform across the globe, Luth said in the keynote address… Read More

Pontifications: A350 launch aid, Emirates and the A380, Bombardier and U-Turn Al

March 5, 2015: A350 Launch Aid: Boeing and the US Trade Representative got in a big twist around 2006 when Airbus said it would accept more than $1bn in launch aid from Germany for the A350. At that… Read More

No stress on the order backlog, says Airbus at ISTAT

Airbus doesn’t see any “stress” in its aircraft order backlog, or “skyline,” says Andrew Shankland, senior vice president of leasing markets from the European manufacturer. Shankland spoke with us at the annual meeting of the International Society of… Read More

Lessors analyze market conditions in commercial aviation at ISTAT

The final presentation at ISTAT was the popular lessors’ panel, a free-wheeling discussion of commercial aviation issues. The reporting summarizes and paraphrases the comments. The moderator is Jeff Knittel, president of CIT Aerospace. The lessors are: Angus Kelly,… Read More

Bombardier and Embraer square off at ISTAT

Bombardier and Embraer squared off today at the ISTAT conference in San Diego. Rod Sheridan, VP sales and asset management, appeared for BBD and John Slattery, chiefr commercial officer, appeared for EMB. The following synopsizes and paraphrases their… Read More

Bombardier CSeries delays have little impact vs competitors

Bombardier’s third CSeries Flight Test Vehicle finally became airborne March 3. FTV 3 focuses on avionics. FTV 4 will focus on the testing of the Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbo Fan engine; Bombardier hasn’t announced a date when… Read More

WN vs AA: A personal story

I am going to depart not only from my usual approach to this blog but also shift from the editorial “we” to a personal “I” for this story. The point of the story is not my personal family… Read More

ISTAT Part 2: BBD, EMB, Sukhoi, ATR

Chet Fuller, SVP Commercial, Bombardier Luiz Chiessi, Director of Marketing Strategy of Embraer Mark Neeley, VP-Marketing, ATR John Buckley, VP Business Development, Sukhoi Superjet International Fuller CSeries weight validated and will be on spec at EIS. Aluminum Lithium… Read More

Odds and Ends: 787 ramp up, ISTAT, Airbus, the price of oil in 1968

787 Ramp-Up: UBS Securities issued a research note Monday in which it reports that the 787 rate ramp-up to 10 per month–a goal Boeing’s to be by the end of 2013–has slipped to the first quarter of 2014…. Read More

Reporting from ISTAT next week

We’re off to the ISTAT Europe conference and will be reporting next week from Barcelona. In the meantime, here is a PR faux pas, one of those embarrassing slips that we with warped senses of humor can’t pass… Read More