Pratt & Whitney looks to MOM and beyond-Part 1

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April 2, 2015, c. Leeham Co.: Even as Pratt & Whitney prepares for the entry-into-service of its new

Alan Epstein, vice president of technology and environment, Pratt & Whitney

Geared Turbo Fan engine on the Airbus A320neo, it’s looking ahead to the most likely all new airplane that could be launched as early as 2018 with an EIS in 2025: the Middle of the Market (MOM) airplane, also most popularly known the as Boeing 757 replacement.

Except that this new airplane really isn’t a 757 replacement, but one that is more accurately a replacement for the Boeing 767-200 or the Airbus A300: a twin aisle, 250 passenger airplane with 4,000nm-5,000nm range.

Alan Epstein, vice president of technology and environment for Pratt & Whitney, believe a derivative of the GTF will be on this new airplane.


  • The next new airplane will be lighter and capable of using smaller engines than those used on the 767-200 and A300.
  • The MOM will look much like today’s tube-and-wing airplanes.
  • The GTF by then will be 8%-10% more efficient than today’s GTF.
  • Geared engines will become more common.

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