Odds and Ends: Who’s John Wayne? Air Show musings; Restoring the Dornier 17

As we go into this Memorial Day Weekend, we’re feeling a bit irreverent. So we’re going to meander a bit. Who’s John Wayne? We were in a hardware store checking out. We often say, Thank you, Ma’am to… Read More

Odds and Ends: Dominating Wide-Bodies; Trying to save the 747-8; Delta waits; China OKs 787

Dominating Wide-Bodies: Boeing claimed at its investors’ day yesterday it will dominate the wide-body sector. This, predictably, caused some mirth among our Reader Comments. We agree with Boeing–for the next several years. The 777-9X will have a monopoly… Read More

Boeing’s McNerney: Interest in 787-10, 777X high; “our airplanes are better than theirs”

Boeing held an investors’ conference today that began at zero dark thirty PDT, so we weren’t up to listen to the webcast. The PDF presentations are here. According to news reports, McNerney said interest in the forthcoming 787-10… Read More

Taking care of business at the airframe OEMs

The news yesterday the Boeing resumed delivery of the 787 is good news, not just for Boeing and the airlines, but for all the stakeholders. Although Boeing did not stop or slow production of the aircraft during the… Read More

777X for Washington State: Reports Jon Ostrower

“According to people familiar with the company’s thinking, much of the 777X industrial footprint will likely be retained in Washington state to keep the cost down, and will first employ an assembly line at its Everett, Wash., factory… Read More

Odds and Ends: 777X features; progress on A350, 787-9 and CSeries

777X features: More details are emerging about the planned features of the Boeing 777X. Progress, Progress, Progress: The CSeries prototype gets its tail number, the Boeing 787-9 is taking shape, and the first A350 has been painted. Richard… Read More

Washington State to roll out 777X retention plan; here’s what needs to be done

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee will announce today his plan to keep the Boeing 777X assembly here, at the Everett plant where the current 777 series is built. Inslee previously has said the State needs to pass some additional… Read More

Odds and Ends: Avoiding risk; Avoid 787 goofs with 777X; Anticipation for the 777X; CSeries expectations

Avoiding Risk: Jetmakers avoid risk by revamping existing models. Avoid 787 goofs with 777X: This Reuters article reports how challenging the brand damage has become with the 787 issues, and it’s not the first time we’ve heard the… Read More

Sizing up the 777X vs Airbus–and Boeing

It was no surprise that Boeing’s Board of Directors authorized the sales force to begin showing the 777X to customers for sale, as opposed to the concepts. As we’ve reported (and as did others), this move was expected… Read More

Boeing Board OKs offering 777X

It’s been the worst kept secret of the past few weeks: the Boeing Board of Directors has authorized offering the 777X to airlines. Dominic Gates has this story, and more are coming from The Wall Street Journal, The… Read More