Is the 787-8 a freighter of the future?

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 By the Leeham News Team

March 15, 2022, © Leeham News: Is the 787-8 a freighter of the future?

Boeing 767-300ERF (top), and concepts of the Boeing 787-8F and Boeing 787-9F. Source: Leeham News.

There will be a glaring hole in Boeing’s freighter offerings by the end of 2027. The cause will be the inability for Boeing to sell aircraft that do not meet emission standards adopted in 2017 by ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization, effective in 2027. This will put an end to the current Boeing 767 and 777 freighters. Boeing launched the 777-8F last month, solving the latter problem. But unless some magic occurs, and extensions are granted, Boeing will need to fill the 767 gap with something.

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