Airbus slightly ahead in YTD orders

Airbus and Boeing have released their orders through May (June 3 for Boeing) and Airbus remains slightly ahead in net orders for the first five months of the year, 435 to 418.

By category, the statistics stack up like this–all data is net orders, allowing for cancellations.

  • A320 family vs. 737: Airbus, 312, Boeing 301
  • Medium twin-aisle: A330P, 62; A350-800, 15 (total 77); 787-8/9: 79; 767, 0.
  • Large twin-aisle: A350-900, 32; A350-1000, 0; 777-All, 36.
  • Very Large Airplane: A380, 3; 747, 2.
  • Cargo: A330-200F, 11; 767, 0.

As you can see, this year is neck-and-neck in all categories.

1 Comments on “Airbus slightly ahead in YTD orders

  1. I would be surprised if this years totals come anywhere near last years, in view of current conditions in the industry and the future of oil prices uncertain the future is very cloudy.

    Will Emirates delay or cancel any of their A380’s ? will Boeing get a huge increase in orders for the 787,

    The catch word is and will remain economy, economy, economy.

    The dumping of fuel guzzling aircraft has already begun, with lots more to follow,

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