This is a pivotal year for the A380 as Airbus considers neo, PIPs

Introduction March 15, 2015: This is a pivotal year for the future of the Airbus A380. Tim Clark, the president of Emirates Airline, increased the pressure for development of an A380neo when he said he’d buy up to… Read More

Pontifications: Jumping on the MOM bandwagon

March 15, 2015: There was little “real” news coming out of ISTAT this year, which is probably why the topics of the “757 replacement” and the 200-250 seat, 4,500 mile twin-aisle airplane prospect drew so much attention. Sitting… Read More

Pontifications: From the sidelines of the ISTAT conference, Notes #2

March 13, 2015: More Notes from the sidelines at the ISTAT conference this week in Phoenix. Boeing 777 production rates and advancing schedule Randy Tinseth, Boeing VP-Marketing, predictably stuck to Boeing messaging Monday at the ISTAT conference when… Read More

Washington State: tie jobs-for-tax breaks like other states do

March 12, 2015: Legislators in Washington State are coming down to the wire on a proposed bill promoted by two key Boeing labor unions to tie job levels to tax breaks. Irrespective of party lines, this is a… Read More

Boeing showing 737-8ERX concept in response to A321LR

By Scott Hamilton and Bjorn Fehrm March 12, 2015: Boeing is showing some airlines a concept it calls the 737-8ERX, a long range version of the 737-8 MAX, in response to the Airbus A321LR, Leeham News and Comment… Read More

Redefining the 757 replacement: Requirement for the 225/5000 Sector, Part 5.

By Bjorn Fehrm Subscription required Introduction 11 March 2015, c. Leeham Co: After having analyzed the different alternatives which would be available to Boeing for its Middle Of the Market, MOM, studies and having singled out the most competitive… Read More

ISTAT: Industry stability as good as this CEO has ever seen it

Despite the constant fears of an impending order bubble, the CEO of one of the world’s largest leasing companies says the airline industry’s stability is as good as he’s ever seen it in his career. Jeff Knittel, president… Read More

ISTAT: Lessors look at consolidation, market stability

The closing panel at ISTAT is the popular lessors panel, an unscripted conversation and Q&A among the industry leaders. Lessors typically do not favor higher production rates at Airbus and Boeing.and pay close attention to market instability or… Read More

ISTAT: Economist Adam Pilarski on oil prices

Adam Pilarski, the economist from Avitas who years ago predicted oil prices would hit $40/bbl to the near-total disbelief by delegates attending the ISTAT convention where he made his prediction, proved nearly right. Prices dipped into the mid-$40s… Read More

ISTAT: Bombardier vs Embraer: unsurprisingly, differing views

March 9, 2015: Ross Mitchell, vice president of business development, Bombardier, and John Slattery, chief commercial officer for Embraer, squared off today at the ISTAT conference. Below is a paraphrased summary of their panel discussion.