Airbus eyes carbon capture to broaden its eco arsenal

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By Gordon Smith

November 20, 2023, © Leeham News: Airbus’ flagship decarbonization initiative appears to be gaining momentum. The European OEM is betting big on Direct Air Carbon Capture and Storage (DAC) next-generation facilities that remove CO2 directly from the air to compensate for emissions produced by airline operations.

Airbus has described the technology as a “key bastion in the fight against climate change and the world’s transition to a net-zero energy system”. It has partnered with 1PointFive – a US partner of Canadian firm Carbon Engineering – to bring the innovative system to the aviation sector.

Last month, easyJet became the first airline to ink a deal with Airbus for the decarbonisation initiative. The OEM is offering carriers ‘carbon removal credits’ as part of a broader deal with 1PointFive.

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