Holden elected president of IAM 751

Update, 8:30pm March 6: Jon Holden was elected president of IAM 751 today. He fills the remaining term of Wroblewski, to February 1, 2017.

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IAM 751 members for today on the successor to Tom Wroblewski at president of the District.

Wroblewski resigned his post after the highly contentious vote by members approving concessions in their Boeing contract in exchange for the 777X work to be located at the Everett (WA) plant. Wroblewski cited ill-health.

Wroblewski was caught in the middle between the IAM International headquarters, which favored the concessions, and much of his membership and his own council leadership, which did not. The first vote in November soundly rejected the contract but the second narrowly approved it with a 51% majority.

The nominees seeking to succeed him, detailed in this Seattle Times story, are likely to be more militant than Wroblewski.

Relations between 751 and Boeing are at what is probably an all-time low.

Vote results will be after 6pm tonight.

  • The Everett Herald has a story about “Boeing fatigue” in the Washington State Legislature.
  • The Herald also has a story about an allegation of a “payoff” to Boeing in connection with an earmark to a lobbying group generally funded by Boeing.

7 Comments on “Holden elected president of IAM 751

  1. I’ve seen very little in the media or on the IAM 751 site about the ” great ” contract supposedly in place- this after 2 months since the vote. Normally, a redline version is available within a few weeks- and the ‘ official ‘ version signed and printed within a few months. Add to that the ” lets all be friends ” bit being floated around despite the facts about production delays well known at least internally by BA, etc- sure makes one wonder. And lets not forget the INTERNATIONAL IAM vote coming up.

    IMO – the odor from Denmark is still hanging around ..( apologies to Shakespere )

  2. Well said.
    Short sighted self gratification ego pounding goals vs long term losses.
    You reap what you sow.
    What was that about business decisions again?
    I suspect the Bard would say it was well directed, nay, spot on.

  3. Ray Conner et-al has spoken of “reaching out”. We have seen nothing but more of the same. We can’t even get a place to park out of him.

    The region 19 office of the NLRB in Seattle is now asking for “advice” from the head office in Washington D.C. That’s a bit of a tell I would conclude.

    At last report, Mark Johnson, IAM aerospace coordinator and Buffenbarger acolyte, was STILL in town trying to write up the details of the actual contract with his Boeing friends.

    We don’t know what’s going on with that. We aren’t being told anything. Since we held a vote on a contract with few details, I suppose we aren’t entitled to any details. Let the good times roll.

    Expect microscopic turnout for today’s vote. Nobody expects anything to change, and interest or enthusiasm is nil.

  4. More nightmares for the Dreamliner the Wall St mag Boeing is looking for Hairline cracks in the wings of undelivered 787 i will keep my finger crossed that they don’t find eny cracks.

    • Problem in same general area as A380 wing internal issues – shear ties between ribs and internal stringers- according to a few articles. so much for cheaper and faster and outsourcing . . .

  5. Sorry to change the story A Malaysia Boeing 777/200 has crashed in Vietnamese airspace 239 soul’s on board.

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