Boeing reveals sub-type orders for MAX, 777X for the first time

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By Scott Hamilton

Aug. 9, 2023, © Leeham News: Boeing yesterday revealed the orders for sub-types for the 737 MAX and 777X, the first time it has done so publicly.

The Seattle Times first reported the MAX detail.

The MAX data is largely similar to LNA’s estimates over the years, in which we analyzed the backlog, including Unidentified customers, to percentages. When the MAX 10 was program was launched, customers who ordered the MAX 8 or MAX 9 switched some of these to the MAX 10. Others have done so since then.

MAX orders remain concentrated around the MAX 8 and the high-capacity MAX 8 200, also known as the MAX 8200. Seventy-one percent of the MAX orders in backlog are for these two aircraft types. In contrast, 62% of the Airbus A320neo family backlog is for the largest model, the A321neo. Boeing’s direct competitor to the A321neo, the MAX 10, represents 19% of the MAX backlog.

The MAX 7 and MAX 10 have yet to be certified. Only the A321XLR remains to be certified of all the A320neo family variants.

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