Pontifications: The crystal ball

May 30, 2016, © Leeham Co.: We at Leeham Co. and Leeham News and Comment take some risk when we make analyses, forecasts, projections and predictions. These often put us out on a limb, open us to criticism and even… Read More

Dissecting Wide-Body deliveries through 2030

Subscription Required. Introduction May 26, 2016, © Leeham Co.: A softening of trans-Atlantic air traffic, with declining yields and passenger demand, raises anew concerns that there is an oversupply and over-ordering of twin-aisle aircraft. Air Lease Corp. addressed… Read More

Air freight continues to lag, IATA says

March 18, 2016: The air cargo market continues to struggle, according to data compiled by the International Air Transport Assn. (IATA) in its first quarter report for information primarily in the fourth quarter and full year of 2015…. Read More

Pontifications: Improbably, 787 surplus develops

May 16, 2016, © Leeham Co.: As improbable as it sounds, a short-term surplus of Boeing 787s has developed, say several market officials. Lease rates in some cases on 787-8s and 787-9s have dropped below $900,000/mo for 787-8s… Read More

Airbus, Boeing split YTD orders leads

May 10, 2016: Airbus and Boeing split the leads for orders year-to-date through April 30 (May 2), following the monthly total released today by Airbus. Airbus led in wide-body orders by a wide margin. Boeing thumped Airbus in… Read More

Boeing 1Q results reveal “underlying strength”

April 27, 2016: Boeing delivered better financial results in first quarter that reflect “underlying strength” in the company, said Dennis Muilenburg, CEO of The Boeing Co., on the first quarter earnings call. Excluding charges of $243m pre-tax charges on… Read More

Airbus, Boeing 1Q earnings ahead

April 20, 2016: Airbus and Boeing will report their first quarter earnings April 28 and 27 respectively. Year-to-date, Boeing is clobbering Airbus in orders and deliveries. It should be noted that last year, Boeing jumped to an early… Read More

Why Boeing won’t take a charge on 787s

Subscription Required Introduction Boeing 787-9. Source: Boeing. April 11, 2016, © Leeham Co.: Boeing has $29bn in deferred production costs and another $3bn in deferred tooling costs for its 787. The accounting block, for its program accounting, is… Read More

Pontifications: Boeing’s 8,000 employee reduction isn’t nearly enough

April 4, 2016, © Leeham Co.: Boeing’s plans to reduce head count at Boeing Commercial Airplanes by 8,000 jobs this year dominated the news last week. Comparing employment figures with Airbus Commercial shows this reduction isn’t nearly enough. BCA… Read More

Pontifications: Airbus USA321 a milestone for US aerospace

March 28, 2016, © Leeham Co.: The first US-built A320ceo family member took to the skies for its first flight last week. The A321ceo, destined for JetBlue, is the first assembled at the new Airbus A320 plant in… Read More