Airbus wins hot Wizz competition: 110 A321neos and with it the Paris Air Show

Deal signed 10 minutes before press conference Boeing loses out in aggressive bid for 737 MAX 200 Last minute deal gives Airbus PAS win over Boeing June 18, 2015, Paris Air Show: It was one of the most… Read More

Bjorn’s Corner: Paris Air Show review

  June 18, 2015, c Leeham Co: With the industrial part of Paris Air Show over (the public portion continues through the weekend), one can start to summarize impressions. I have over the years participated in around 10… Read More

Embraer gains 125 orders at half-year

June 17, 2015, Paris Air Show, c. Leeham Co. With focus, as always, on Airbus and Boeing, and an airplane that neither exists nor is about to any time in the near-term (the Middle of the Market aircraft),… Read More

Engine Alliance undertakes PIPs, but not to level Emirates wants

June 17, 2015, Paris Air Show, c. Leeham Co. Engine Alliance, one of the two power plant suppliers for the Airbus A380, said today that it is undertaking Performance Improvement Package (PIP) upgrades to the GP7200 to lower… Read More

Boeing program update at Paris Air Show 2015.

By Bjorn Fehrm Introduction June 16, 2015, Paris Air Show, c. Leeham Co: On the second day of the Paris Air show we visited several Boeing briefings. The first was Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) update with BCA President… Read More

CSeries range even better than Bombardier revealed

June 16, 2015, Paris Air Show: Bombardier yesterday detailed the performance figures of its new CS100 and CS300 mainline jets, revealing more detailed numbers than it disclosed Sunday during a preview. We have looked at these numbers and found that even… Read More

Dueling market forecasts for the VLA sector

June 16, 2015, Paris Air Show, c. Leeham Co. Dueling forecasts between Airbus and Boeing became a bit of a sideshow yesterday, with the differing projections for the Very Large Aircraft (VLA) market coming up at the Airbus… Read More

ATR selling their 1,500 ATR turboprop to Japan Airlines.

By Bjorn Fehrm Introduction June 15. 2015, C. Leeham Co: ATR said its turboprop product has broken a barrier that was thought impossible for regional turboprops at its Paris Air Show press briefing today. It was a company… Read More

Airbus on orders this year: You ain’t seen nothing yet

June 15, 2015, Paris Air Show, c. Leeham Co. Boeing predicts 1:1 book:bill (orders to deliveries) this year. For Airbus, you ain’t seen nothing yet. And it’s not even super-salesman, super-optimist John Leahy doing the talking. Kiran Rao,… Read More

Airbus COO faces production challenge vs bulging order book

Subscription required. Now open to all Readers. Introduction June 15, 2015, Paris Air Show, c. Leeham Co. Airbus, like Boeing, is faced with an embarrassment of riches: too many orders for the A320 and A350 production rates that… Read More