Collapse of Boeing-Embraer JV gives Mitsubishi Aircraft new opportunities

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By Scott Hamilton


May 4, 2020, © Leeham News: The collapse of the Boeing-Embraer joint venture removes a major cloud over another Boeing agreement with a different airframe company.

Long ago, Boeing and Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp. (MITAC) entered into a support agreement for what was then the MRJ program.

MITAC was to receive marketing and services support from Boeing for the MRJ.

From the moment the news emerged that Embraer and Boeing were talking about a merger, acquisition or joint venture (the goal moved over time), questions arose over the future of the MITAC agreement.

  • Boeing said the MITAC agreement would be honored, but skepticism remained.
  • The MRJ and later the SpaceJet would compete with the former Embraer product line.
  • Recovery consensus 3-5 years.
  • With collapse of Boeing-Embraer JV, Mitsubishi-Boeing can reaffirm, strengthen their cooperative agreement.

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