Farnborough Air Show, July 15: Orders summary

Here are the orders and commitments announced today that we saw–there could be others we haven’t seen:

  • Airbus: Avolon (a lessor) ordered 15 A330neos; CIT Aerospace, MOU for 16 A330-900s, five A321neos; SMBC Aviation (lessor), 110 A320neo and five A320ceo aircraft; BOC Aviation, 36 Airbus A320ceo and seven A320neo family 17 of which will be fore the A321 family; AirAsiaX, MOU 50 A330-900s.
  • ATR: Air Lease Corp. purchased seven ATR-72-600s.
  • Boeing: Intrepid Aviation, 6+4 777-300ERs; Air Lease Corp, six 777-300ERs, 20 737-8s; CIT Aerospace, 10 787-9s.
  • Bombardier: One Q400 from Horizon Air; revealed an unidentied customer, Abu Dhabi Aviation, for two Q400s; LOI from Falcon Aviation for five Q400s.
  • CFM: Air Lease Corp. ordered the LEAP-1A for 20 A320neo family aircraft.
  • Embraer: Azul Air, LOI for 30+20 E-195 E2 (and becomes launch customer for this sub-type); Fuji’s Dream Airlines, 3+3 E-175s, a previously unidentified customer.
  • Mitsubishi: six MRJ90s from Air Mandalay.
  • Pratt & Whitney: SaudiGulf Airlines orders the V2500 to power four A320ceos; Philippine Airlines executes a previous LOI to a firm order for the GTF for 10 A320neos; BOC Aviation, V2500 for eight of the A320ceo family listed above; International Airlines Group (Vueling Airlines), V2500 for 30 A320ceo family.
  • Viking Air: Air Seychelles, two Twin Otters.

Items of note:

  • Airbus’ John Leahy says he expects a total of 100 A330neo orders from FAS;
  • BOC Aviation endorsed the launch of the A330neo but didn’t (yet) order any.
  • Boeing said its new 777X will have a cabin altitude of 6,000 ft, the same as the 787, larger windows than its 777 Classic and the A350; features borrowed from the 787 and many that go beyond the 787 passenger experience; and lower noise.
  • Bombardier launched its Q400 Combi, seating 50 passengers and carrying 8,200 lbs of cargo.
  • Steven Udvar-Hazy, CEO of Air Lease Corp, which has a large order book for the ATR-72-600, says, the Q400 is a good aircraft, but “much more expensive to operate” vs ATR. [However, that’s at the Q400’s high cruising speed. If it’s throttled back, the operating costs are said by BBD to be comparable.–Editor.]

11 Comments on “Farnborough Air Show, July 15: Orders summary

  1. What about the AirAsiaX MOU?Are these 50 Neos from today on top of the existing Ceo orders?

    • If Air AsiaX gets 50 plus their current order, man the high capacity high volume routes in China are really projected to grow!!!

      JL needs 100 coming out of the show. Also expect that the China 200-300 order shoudl drive the NEO order books as well. Wonder whether there will be any demand for the A330-800 coming from China or anywhere. It seems that will be the hardest sell. Guess they will be the customers who are on the books for the A350-800? Any comments on projections about A350-900 sales?

      • That’s kind of a vague statement. It may also be interpreted as it being possible for him to try and convert 10-15 from the existing ceo order to neos in addition to the 50 he just signed up for.

      • Thank you for clearing that up! So to date they have 88 A330 and 10 A350-900 on order and just 20 Widebodies in service! That´s what I call an ambitious businessplan!

    • Are you talking about the 747-8i or the 777X?

      The Boeing trick with the 777X is to compare a future aircraft with future engines against a todays aircraft.

  2. Airchive are reporting that the first A330NEOs in the 105 announced commitments will be delivered 2018. That implies that another customer not already announced will be launch customer, unless it is a typo.


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