PNAA Conference: Aboulafia–“A lot of positivity” (except for A380, 787)

The Wall Street Journal reports that Boeing is considering restarting and re-engining the 757 in response to the Airbus A321LR. Feb. 11, 2015: We’re at the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance conference in Lynnwood (WA) north of Seattle. This… Read More

Muilenburg’s challenges as Boeing CEO

Subscription Required. Now open to all readers Introduction Jan. 27, 2015: Dennis Muilenburg has been the No. 2 at The Boeing Co. for a little more than a year. He was named vice chairman, president and COO in… Read More

Odds and Ends: BBD sale; MC-21 forecast; “A322”

Bombardier Sale: Financially pressed Bombardier sold its military training unit to Canadian supplier CAE for C$19.8m. It’s not a big cash infusion into BBD, but at this point every little bit helps. Last week, before today’s CAE announcement,… Read More

Muilenburg remains an enigma for unions, commercial development

Jan. 21, 2015. c. Leeham Co. Dennis Muilenburg, vice chairman, president and chief operating officer of The Boeing Co., remains an enigma to Boeing’s largest unions a year after he was elevated to this position from his slot… Read More

A321neo configurations and A320 production

By Bjorn Fehrm 18 Jan 2015: As part of the preparations for the Airbus A321LR article 15 Jan. we saw a need to clarify with Airbus the production configurations for A321neo. There had been several iterations of what will… Read More

Airbus formally launches A321LR; we look behind the “LR” to see what’s there

15 Jan 2015: Airbus officially launched what to date has been called A321neoLR as the A321LR at their annual press conference Tuesday. The former A321neoLR name was formed by Leeham News on 21 Ocober 2014 when we could reveal… Read More

Market potential for A321LR

Here’s how Airbus sees the market potential for the A321LR, going well beyond the 50-60 Boeing 757s flying the Atlantic and some limited operations on other routes.