American’s order, as we see it

Note: It’s impossible to keep up with the changing and leaking information. Just do a Google News search for the latest. The situation today remains fluid and often contradictory. News stories, and our own information, agree that a… Read More

737RE in 2017, NSA in 2021

In the rapidly changing situation at Boeing over the future of the 737 class of aircraft, it appears almost certain that Boeing will move forward with a re-engine of the 737 and follow it with the New Small… Read More

Countdown to 737RE or NSA: Odds now favor Re-engine

It’s been a slow but steady shift in Boeing’s thinking that became evident during the pre-Paris Air Show briefings: Boeing is warming to the idea of re-engining the 737. According to sources with direct knowledge of the situation,… Read More

Market sees 737 sales lagging, but matches 2010–so far

Here is a story we did for Commercial Aviation Online. Date: 12/07/2011 11:40 Source: Commercial Aviation Online Location: Seattle By: Scott Hamilton Boeing took a drubbing in the headlines from the Paris Air Show as Airbus racked up… Read More

Countdown at American for huge order

American Airlines is believed ready to decide on replacing as many as 250 narrow-bodies in its fleet as early as this week. The Wall Street Journal published this report Sunday outlining the stakes. We suggested recently that AA… Read More

US airlines ready orders

There has been a rash of articles this week breathlessly focusing on US carriers and the prospect they will order airplanes this year. This is no revelation, nor is the prospect that Boeing customers might line up and… Read More

Odds and Ends, Post-Paris Air Show 2011

Here are our closing views of the PAS: Boeing Boeing did very well at the show. We know the headlines almost universally say Boeing had a bad show (which it didn’t) and was trounced by Airbus (which it… Read More

Leahy to Boeing: you’re “whistling past the graveyard”

This is a story we provided KIRO TV in Seattle, for which we provided reports during the air show. Airbus A320neo success far exceeds expectations Special to KIRO TV Airbus ended the primary portion of the Paris Air… Read More

CSeries order intact, says Republic; CFM offered “great incentives” for engine deal

Bombardier’s CSeries order with Republic Airways Holdings, announced today at the Paris Air Show, is intact, says the company spokesman. Peter Kowalchuk told us late Wednesday (Paris time) that there is no change in the CSeries order, despite… Read More

1,000 NEOs and “parity” is all it is

Airbus may have booked close to 900 orders for the A320neo family by the time the air show ends tomorrow, a plane that  Boeing says merely reaches “parity” with the 737-800. Airbus, of course, hotly disputes Boeing’s computations… Read More